Things You Should Know About A Safe Home

12 June 2017
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There are some things that you can do around your home to keep your protective systems in good working order and to better secure your house. Some of these things you can do on your own and others may require the assistance of a professional.

Spray penetrating oil and water-displacing spray on your stubborn locks

If you find that your locks are starting to give you a bit of trouble when you put the key in and try to turn them then you can spray a little penetrating oil and water-displacing spray inside of them. You can purchase this spray at most grocery stores and big box stores, as well as at auto part stores. Once you spray it inside the locking mechanism and keyhole you want to put the key in and turn it a few times. Silicone lubricants can also do the job.

Don't bother with a top of the line lock on a cheap door

A lot of people think putting a great lock on their door is going to keep people out. However, if you have a cheap door then all a person needs to do is to apply pressure to the middle of it, or kick it and the door will open regardless of how good of a lock you have on it. You are going to be much better off by having a solid wood or metal door installed and then having the locksmith put a high quality lock and a deadbolt on the door.

Consider having protective options installed

Things like window guards and security screens can help you to keep your house safer from someone who is looking for an easy target they can victimize. You may think that things like window guards and screen doors would look bad on your home, but you will be glad to learn that they now make them t add great decorative looks to the exterior of your house.

Don't underestimate the importance of a good working and secure garage door

You want to make sure your garage door is always functioning as it should. Also, be sure you are changing the code on a regular basis or there will be am increased chance that someone will be able to use another garage door opener to open your door. The emergency lever should be secured so it isn't a weakness in your door. A garage door should be repaired as soon as it is giving you issues.  Contact a contractor, like Guaranteed Door Service, for help.