Garage Door Weather Stripping Starting To Sag? Learn How To Replace It Quickly And Easily

3 June 2017
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Weather stripping along the bottom of your garage door is designed to create a barrier to keep bugs, rain, and snow from getting into your garage. When your weather stripping starts to crack or sag, you need to replace it right away. The guide that follows walks you through the quick and easy process for replacing your garage door weather stripping.

Take Measurements of the Door

The first thing you need to do is measure how long the garage door is. You want to be sure that the stripping you purchase to replace the old stripping is long enough to fit from one side of the door to the other side. You do not want there to be any openings on the sides when you are done.

Purchase the Replacement Weather Stripping

You should be able to get the weather stripping at a home improvement store. Read the labels carefully to be sure that you purchase the right length of stripping. It will be available in a few different colors so be sure to choose the color that will match your garage door well.

Remove the Old Weather Stripping

To remove the old weather stripping, you need to open the garage door half way. Grab the end of the stripping with a pair of pliers and pull the stripping out to the side of the door. There is a groove built into the bottom of the door that the stripping slides into so you will need to slide it out of the groove to remove it.

Replace the Weather Stripping

Place the new weather stripping into a bucket that is filled with soapy water. The soapy water will make the new stripping slide on to the door with ease. Place the bucket onto a ladder so that it is as close to the bottom of the door as you can get it. Slip the end of the stripping into the groove on the door and slide it across the door until it spans the entire bottom. Pulling the stripping out of the bucket as you need it will keep it wet, which will make it easier to slide.

If you feel that replacing the weather stripping is too daunting to do on your own, you can hire a garage door repair company to do it for you. The technician will be able to get the job done very quickly and you will no longer have to worry about anything being able to get into your garage under the bottom of the door.

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