Securing Your Vehicles Through Awareness And Vigilance — Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

18 May 2017
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The open road has long been a symbol of excitement and possibility in America, but when you return home, your vehicles need to be properly secured and protected. If your garage door begins to malfunction, that can be difficult to achieve, and you may risk the security of your home as well as your cars.

Thankfully, with proper vigilance, you can guarantee that your garage will remain secure. Below, you'll find a guide to some signs that your garage door is beginning to malfunction. By keeping your eye out for these warnings, you can act to prevent them from spreading and re-secure your door in a way that will provide you with the peace of mind you desire.

Uneven Operating

Modern garage doors are manufactured to guarantee smooth motion and even operations. If one side of the door is raising or lowering before the other, or if there appear to be fits and starts as the door moves along the track, it may be a sign of a developing issue.

In many cases, those uneven operations are merely the result of a lack of lubrication. However, they can also be a sign of a chain that's off track or a spring that's losing some of its power, and any of those cases will require professional servicing.

Unexpected Moisture

One of the major benefits of a garage is the climate control it offers. When that starts to fail, it may be a sign of an issue with your weather stripping. The most common symptom of this is puddling water on the interior of your garage door, but more subtle signs like fogged windows on your vehicle may also betray some leakage.

Most garage door weather stripping is made of rubber that tends to wear away over time. When you notice those signs, it's important to seek out a repair service that can quickly repair the weather stripping to restore the climate control you desire.

Dents and Dings

Your garage door is part of your home's curb appeal, so it's important to keep that up in order to secure your home's value. Regular wear and tear is inevitable, but you shouldn't be willing to settle for unsightly structural damage. Your garage door repair service may be able to replace individual panels in your door without having to re-hang the entire mechanism, which can allow you to reclaim both the look and security that you desire.