Noise: The Great Indicator Of Garage Door Problems

9 May 2017
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Owning a home comes with the significant responsibility of regular maintenance. One of the most important parts to maintain with regular frequency is the garage door. This is the biggest opening to your home, so it is crucial that it remain in the best condition possible. One slip-up in regular maintenance can leave your home vulnerable to would-be thieves wiling to break into your home at any time.

One indication of problems with your garage door is strange noises coming from the area where the door is located. This is normal and can happen over time, but it signifies that some quick action be taken so that the door is returned to proper working order. The following are some aspects of garage door repair that all homeowners should keep in mind:

The Cause Of The Noises

The sound your garage door makes is going to help you determine exactly where the problem may lie. It is not unusual to hear some noise from the springs and panels, particularly if you have a manual door that you will lift yourself. You will notice, though, when the noises are more concerning. Really loud or screeching sounds emanating from the door can indicate friction. Friction means that metal parts of the inner workings of the door are grinding against each other, which will result in damage to some of the most important parts of the door. This noise can be a simple fix, such as additional lubrication, to more severe issues that will need to be handled by a garage door technician.

Attempting To DIY Your Garage Door Fix

While many homeowners are quite handy at taking care of their home maintenance, it is critical that you know exactly what you are doing when it comes to repairing a garage door. Adding some spray lubricant or tightening bolts and screws are easy things you can do yourself, but that should be your limit if you have no prior experience with garage doors. Changing out springs or diagnosing problems cannot only be difficult to do for a novice, but they can also result in permanent damage to your door. When in doubt, call in a professional for your garage door repairs.

Keeping your home in good repair is always a good habit to have, whether you plan to live in your home forever or if you have intentions to sell it one day. Once you notice any odd noises coming from your garage door, you should have it inspected right away.