Three Garage Door Problems And How To Proceed With Them

14 April 2016
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When you notice a problem with your garage door, you must decide whether you wish to call a garage door contractor to repair the problem with the door or even have the contractor replace the door entirely. The good news is that while some problems can necessitate a garage door replacement, a wide range of different problems can be solved with a simple repair job. Although your garage door contractor can talk to you about whether the problem you're facing can be resolved with a repair or whether a door replacement is required, it's good to have a sense of the likely outcome so you can budget for it accordingly. Here are three problems and how they should typically be addressed.

Broken Door Spring: Repair

A broken door spring will temporarily render your garage door inoperable and might also give you a fright due to the loud noise made when the spring breaks. However, you shouldn't fret -- your contractor will be able to safely remove the old spring, install a new one and have your door back in proper working order in a short period of time.

Rotted Or Rusted Door: Replace

A wooden or metal garage door can develop rot or rust due to exposure to the elements. While minor occurrences of these issues can be treated by sanding away the problem areas, filling them with wood filler or dent filler and painting or staining the affected area, larger problems are more of a concern. If the rot or rust is significant or you didn't catch it early enough to contain it, you're likely going to need to replace the door. Have your garage door contractor check the door and make his or her recommendations, but a new door might be in order.

Worn-Out Hardware: Repair

Tightening the hinges, rollers and miscellaneous hardware can extend the life of the door, but you might reach a point at which an old door's hardware is stripped, warped or otherwise ineffective. Provided that it hasn't caused major structural damage to the door itself, your garage door contractor should be able to replace these elements. Many moving parts on a garage door can be safely replaced -- the hinges that hold the panels together, the cables and pulleys that assist the door as it opens and closes and even the rollers are all easy enough for a contractor to swap in favor of new models.

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