A Few Tips For Choosing A Garage Door

29 February 2016
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A garage door may not seem important to your home, but it does take up a good portion of the front of your house, and it can provide easy access to inside the house. You want a door that will look good and provide you with what you need as far as safety, security, and protection from the weather. When it comes time to choose a new garage door, stop and consider the following before making your final decision.

Door Material

When it comes to the material the door is made of, you have a few choices. Aluminum is rust resistant and good for humid areas of the country. Steel doors are very versatile as far as colors and insulation. Wood garage doors are great for their design flexibility, and composite doors are moisture resistant.


Unless your garage is detached from the house and you have no reason to worry about the temperature inside, you should make sure the door is well insulated. If you will be using the garage as a work space, an insulated door will keep the climate controlled. When the garage is attached to the house, having good insulation in the walls, ceiling, and door will reduce your utility bills, especially when there is a room above it.

Automatic or Manual

If you are not going to be parking your vehicles in the garage, there is no reason to have an automatic door. You won't have to worry about someone accidentally opening the door and having your neighbors see into the garage, or having animals deciding to come in for a nap. You don't want people to casually go inside and look through your belongings if the door was left open unknowingly. A manual door is not opened unless it was meant to be. Keep it locked and no one is going to get in, even small animals. This means that if you forget to lock the door from inside the house into the garage, no one will have access to your home either.

Of course, if you are going to be parking in the garage, having an automatic door is pretty much a must. You won't have to get out of the car to open it. This makes late night trips to the store a bit safer, no one can attack you when you get out of the car to open the door. In addition, carrying bags and boxes, or even sleeping children is easier when the car can be pulled right up to the door. Just remember to keep the internal door locked in case someone can hack into the wireless coding.

Before meeting with a garage door sales representative, consider how you use the garage and if that will be changing in the near future. Then, ask about options and discuss your color and style preferences.

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