How You Can Repair Your Garage Door Safety Sensors

25 June 2017
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The garage door is the largest moving part in your home and is very heavy. Without safety sensors, it could potentially become very dangerous if it closes on people or pets. The good news is that garage doors come with safety sensors that detect when something is in the path of the door and will cause the door to reverse itself. But like everything, safety sensors can become damaged and will need to be repaired as well. Read More 

Things You Should Know About A Safe Home

12 June 2017
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There are some things that you can do around your home to keep your protective systems in good working order and to better secure your house. Some of these things you can do on your own and others may require the assistance of a professional. Spray penetrating oil and water-displacing spray on your stubborn locks If you find that your locks are starting to give you a bit of trouble when you put the key in and try to turn them then you can spray a little penetrating oil and water-displacing spray inside of them. Read More 

Garage Door Weather Stripping Starting To Sag? Learn How To Replace It Quickly And Easily

3 June 2017
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Weather stripping along the bottom of your garage door is designed to create a barrier to keep bugs, rain, and snow from getting into your garage. When your weather stripping starts to crack or sag, you need to replace it right away. The guide that follows walks you through the quick and easy process for replacing your garage door weather stripping. Take Measurements of the Door The first thing you need to do is measure how long the garage door is. Read More 

Securing Your Vehicles Through Awareness And Vigilance — Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

18 May 2017
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The open road has long been a symbol of excitement and possibility in America, but when you return home, your vehicles need to be properly secured and protected. If your garage door begins to malfunction, that can be difficult to achieve, and you may risk the security of your home as well as your cars. Thankfully, with proper vigilance, you can guarantee that your garage will remain secure. Below, you'll find a guide to some signs that your garage door is beginning to malfunction. Read More 

Securing Your Home With Do It Yourself Ability - Tips For Installing Your Garage Door

12 May 2017
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Many people rely on garage door installation services when the time comes for replacement or a new installation, but there's a certain sense of pride that comes from finishing such a task on your own. Indeed, as long as you keep an eye out for certain tips and tricks, you'll be able to complete your installation project in a way that guarantees pride and excitement. Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should be sure to be cautious of when installing a garage door. Read More